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Chris P. Wood

Chris is the owner and President of Steelsafe Shelters and is the fire under the company’s hind end!  Chris is 100 mph most of the time and all with one goal in mind: to make Steelsafe better in some way.  Chris gives 150% of his time and energy into growing the company effectively and making sure we remain the best in the industry along the way.  Chris sets the standard for customer service, always seeing to it the customer understands every step of the process and is extremely satisfied at the completion of their shelter install.  He built the company from an idea on a napkin in 2010 to the #1 shelter provider to homebuilders in the Southeast, the shelter provider with an A+ rating with the BBB, and the company who still always makes sure the customer is happy, above all else.  Chris started the company all on his own, with very little savings, and learned hard life lessons along the way, all to which he can attribute his desire and motivation to be the best storm shelter company in the U.S.  Chris started with one shelter model and saved every dime earned to expand his line to 9 models!  He began driving 3 hours a day to Huntsville to attempt a meeting with any builder who would listen for 5 minutes.  He put the time and the hard work in, and it paid off!  To this day, Chris continues to personally handle the accounts of the local homebuilders who took a chance on him when he just started getting his feet wet years ago.  He means business to his core, but he isn’t fooling anyone when he says “he hasn’t golfed in a while...”

Yeah, ok, Chris...

Brittney L. Neely

Brittney is the company Vice President and manages operations as well as corporate accounts.  She is involved in everything from day-to-day operations, to individual and builder sales.  She coordinates the schedule for our local install crew and manages all purchase orders.  She has been with the company since 2014 and plays a key role in handling our large corporate accounts.  Brittney is a GIRL BOSS and gets the job done!  She understands the importance of great customer service and works closely with most every customer from the beginning prospect stages until complete installation of their shelter to ensure they are satisfied and want to refer us to their friends, neighbors, and family. She also understands the urgency of the construction industry and puts her builder clients first!  Brittney works first hand with our homebuilders and dealers and understands the needs of each builder and their requests.  Don’t let the blonde hair fool you, this lady has a degree from UAH, and makes it a point to understand the construction industry lingo, standards, and expectations.  We are always striving to be better here at Steelsafe, and Brittney is our biggest cheerleader, always remaining positive when faced with challenges, and always encouraging the team to keep up the good work! Three Words: You. Go. Girl.

Phillip Dooley

Phillip is our Vice President of Sales over the South Region, and if anyone can rise to a challenge, it’s Phillip.  With his service to our great country in the United States Air Force as an Armament Systems Specialist on F-15 fighter jets, and as a Desert Storm Veteran, any word other than LOYAL just wouldn’t be good enough.  From the beginning of his time with Steelsafe Shelters, Phillip has led his region in sales and continues to expand our company nationally, setting up new accounts several times a week.  Having a background in Building Material Sales over the past 22 years allows Phillip an advantage as he works diligently with new clients to assist in the setup and management of new accounts across the Southern Region.   He and his beautiful wife have been married for over 23 years and have two lovely daughters together.  As if he wasn’t a force to be reckoned with already, Phillip also builds handmade acoustic guitars in his spare time and is an accomplished musician!

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