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Shelter Information & Frequently Asked Questions

The first thing anyone in the market for a shelter should establish is “what type of shelter am I looking for”. We basically offer every type shelter normally produced in steel and have available by special order custom sizes with any of our standard models. If you have no real preference for a shelter type, and have a garage or carport, we will always suggest the underground garage/carport shelter. The following information will explain why the underground garage/carport models are favored by the majority today, along with benefits of the other types as well.
This model is by far our best seller and the shelter most people want. These shelters must be installed under a roof, typically inside a garage, carport, shed, barn, etc. It must be under a roof since all the ventilation is in the lid. It can’t be rained on because with the vents in the lid, on top of the shelter, the water will run into the shelter.

Above ground safe rooms are solid steel rooms that are attached to a concrete slab. These are installed on concrete slabs that must be a minimum of 3” thick. The installation is performed by drilling into the existing concrete slab and anchoring the safe room to the slab with bolts and epoxy. It is proven that underground is by far the safest place to take shelter from a storm, but safe rooms work well for those who do not want to climb into a smaller shelter underground, might have a disability that prevents the use of stairs/steps, or need a larger type shelter for numerous occupants. Safe rooms work well for small businesses also.

Our exterior steel safe rooms have an excellent, user friendly design and work very well for clients who do not have a garage or carport, or those who want a shelter with more space and need to protect more people. Our flush exterior shelters are designed to be installed on flat ground and are completely underground, other than the top of the door and the air vent. Unlike most other exterior shelter designs, when installed, our shelters do not protrude out of the ground or out of the side of a hill. Our completed exterior shelter is safe, user friendly, and appealing to the eye.

As more and more businesses, schools, churches, and civic groups are installing on-site storm protection, we also offer large, above ground shelters in five standard sizes. These models are routinely used outside class rooms in schools, outside an exit door at mid to large businesses, and at clubhouses within new residential developments. These units are very spacious and roomy and have no feel of being in a “tight space”. Other than our standard offered sizes, these shelters can be designed and fabricated to meet any special need.

All SteelSafe Shelters are available throughout our 21 state market area.
Factory certified installers available in certain markets and installation guidelines available with every model.

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All SteelSafe Shelters are available through any Lowes retail location. Factory certified installers available in certain markets and installation guidelines available with every model. Find a Dealer
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