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Shelter Information & Frequently Asked Questions

The first thing anyone in the market for a shelter should establish is “what type of shelter am I looking for”. We basically offer every type shelter normally produced in steel and have available by special order custom sizes with any of our standard models. If you have no real preference for a shelter type, and have a garage or carport, we will always suggest the underground garage/carport shelter. The following information will explain why the underground garage/carport models are favored by the majority today, along with benefits of the other types as well.
As more and more businesses, schools, churches, and civic groups are installing on-site storm protection, we also offer large, above ground shelters in five standard sizes. These models are routinely used outside class rooms in schools, outside an exit door at mid to large businesses, and at clubhouses within new residential developments. These units are very spacious and roomy and have no feel of being in a “tight space”. Other than our standard offered sizes, these shelters can be designed and fabricated to meet any special need.

  1. Side walls are 4’ tall with rounded ceiling, having a center height of 8’.
  2. Constructed totally of ¼” steel plate.
  3. Outswing doors are 36” wide (handicap accessible) and are on each end of the shelter.
  4. Doors have three-point locking system, keyed dead bolt and two heavy duty slide bolt locks.
  5. Standard with both perimeter and center row seating.
  6. Installed on FEMA compliant pad with both two-part epoxy and embedded steel install method.
  7. Retaining walls, 4’ tapered, on each side of each end wall.
  8. Bottom anchor plate and top/side wall structure supports of 3” x 3” x 3/8” steel angle iron.
  9. Standard with factory installed blank electrical panel for electrical fixtures/lights.
  10. Overhead strip fluorescent lighting.
  11. Emergency exit lights and light switches inside each door.
  12. White enamel paint inside and out.
  13. Steel tubing of 3” x 3” x ¼” installed horizontally the full length of the shelter down each side.
  14. Tested at Texas Tech University to meet or exceed FEMA 321/360 and ICC-500 criteria.
  15. The standard sizes of these larger, above ground “community” type shelters
    • 10’ wide x 24’ long x 8’ tall –
    • 10’ wide x 32’ long x 8’ tall –
    • 10’ wide x 40’ long x 8’ tall –
    • 10’ wide x 48’ long x 8’ tall – (shipped in two sections and fabricated in the field)
    • 10’ wide x 56’ long x 8’ tall – (shipped in two sections and fabricated in the field)
    • *custom sizes available per special order
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