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Shelter Information & Frequently Asked Questions

The first thing anyone in the market for a shelter should establish is “what type of shelter am I looking for”. We basically offer every type shelter normally produced in steel and have available by special order custom sizes with any of our standard models. If you have no real preference for a shelter type, and have a garage or carport, we will always suggest the underground garage/carport shelter. The following information will explain why the underground garage/carport models are favored by the majority today, along with benefits of the other types as well.
Above ground safe rooms are solid steel rooms that are attached to a concrete slab. These are installed on concrete slabs that must be a minimum of 3” thick. The installation is performed by drilling into the existing concrete slab and anchoring the safe room to the slab with bolts and epoxy. It is proven that underground is by far the safest place to take shelter from a storm, but safe rooms work well for those who do not want to climb into a smaller shelter underground, might have a disability that prevents the use of stairs/steps, or need a larger type shelter for numerous occupants. Safe rooms work well for small businesses also.

  1. Safe rooms are standard at 6’ tall.
  2. Constructed totally with ¼” steel plate.
  3. Three-point locking system includes operating door handle and two heavy duty slide locks.
  4. Tested at Texas Tech University to meet or exceed FEMA 321/360 and ICC-500 criteria.
  5. Custom size safe rooms available upon request.
  6. Horizontal and vertical structure bracing of 3” x 1 ½” formed steel channel. Many companies build safe rooms with much more vertical interior bracing and attempt to convince clients that all that extra steel is required for safety. This is simply another scare tactic and provides no additional safety. Our safe rooms go through the most rigorous testing at Texas Tech University to simulate F-5 tornado conditions. The additional steel provides no additional protection. We chose not to add unnecessary, extra steel to the shelter that only costs more money and serves no legitimate purpose in function or safety.
  7. Safe rooms can be installed inside or outside. If installed outside, a special size and type concrete pad is required to meet FEMA guidelines.
  8. Standard with a metal bench along the interior of the short wall with lock adaptor for securing valuables.
  9. The standard safe room sizes are:
    • 4’ wide x 6’ long x 6’ tall – accommodating 8 people
    • 6’ wide x 8’ long x 6’ tall – accommodating 16 adults
    • *custom sizes available per request
    • * capacity based on FEMA guidelines of of 3 sq. ft. of shelter space per person from residential use
  10. All safe rooms (other than the smaller pod) are standard with in-swing doors, 30” wide, that open inward so debris outside the shelter will not prevent the door from opening.
  11. All safe rooms are primed and painted inside and out with white enamel paint.
  12. Tested at Texas Tech University to meet or exceed FEMA 321/360 and ICC-500 criteria.
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