SteelSafe Shelters Advantages

This product line was developed, designed, and engineered to be the safest and most user friendly shelter on the market today while providing the highest level of occupant protection.
We believe that you will quickly see that we met our objectives. Below is a summary of the key components in underground steel shelters.

Flush Steel Shelters
(Under Slab In Garage/Carport)


To protect against rust and corrosion, all SteelSafe Shelters are sprayed with coal tar epoxy. This is the same epoxy that the US Army Corp of Engineers requires that oil rigs apply to any steel that is below the water level.


SteelSafe Shelters were designed with the highest standard of anchoring in mind. No other shelter on the market has install guidelines as stringent as our shelters. Our regular and medium shelter both require 8 pcs of #4 rebar each as standard while our X Large model requires 18 pcs of #4 rebar as standard (retro installs, under existing slab). This serves as added measures to prevent your unit from ever being pulled out of the ground or floating.


Some companies will tell you that a single lid is the safest way to go. You can decide this for yourself. A single lid shelter has one way out, and one way only. Besides that, it opens outside of itself, requiring several feet of unobstructed area to open at all. Our double lid system opens within itself (contained completely within the shelter top) and has a normal operating door on the front and another emergency exit door on the rear. Both doors are fully removable by hand ( two adults) should you need to have an emergency exit. A single lid would be weigh too much for even several typical adults to raise off of the shelter top by hand. Furthermore, as an added benefit and to give the occupants additional “peace of mind”, all of our shelter models come standard with a 4’ come along and a fabricated hook on the back wall. Should the worse possible situation happen ( your car is moved over onto the door or a very large tree is blown down on the door, you have added options with assistance to open the door. Simply connect the come along to the rear hook that is fabricated on the back wall and the other end of the come along to the door and just crank the door open.


Every SteelSafe Shelter is standard with our battery powered air induction system. This system mounts right to the top of the shelter on the inside, directly to an air vent, and draws air into the shelter from the outside and circulates the air throughout the shelter. Also included with this system as standard is a fluorescent light to provide ample lighting within the shelter. This system operates on 8 “D” batteries and can run continuously for 24 hours.

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Tested & Approved

All of our shelter models meet or exceed to requirements to qualify for available funding and grants that are available through FEMA, ADEM, or your county EMA. This includes:

  • Certified Test Results (Texas Tech Wind, Science, Engineering, & Debris Impact Test)
  • Engineer Certified and Stamped Blue Prints and Drawings
  • Exceeds FEMA 320/361 guidelines for storm shelters
  • Exceeds ICC-500 guidelines for storm shelters
  • Exceeds ASTM 330 guidelines for static pressure testing
  • 20 year corrosion warranty