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the safety closet storm safe panic room steelsafe shelters Type: Above Ground Safe Room
Model: The Safety Closet
Manufacturer: SteelSafe Shelters

FEMA-Compliant Safe /Panic Room

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The Safety Closet takes the place of one of your lower level closets during construction. It is built to the size of an existing closet, from 100% steel, and is used as any typical closet. It is fireproof, fully FEMA compliant, has been tested to F-5 tornado conditions, and qualifies for all government grants and rebate programs. It withstands small arms rounds at close distance, and our concealed vents prevent any possibility of gas/poision penetration.


  • 7.5' tall
  • 3/16" plate steel
  • Vents on top (this allows framing directly to outer perimeter of shelter)
  • 36" FEMA door with 3-point locking system
  • 1 row closet maid type wire shelving/rods standard
  • Factory drilled hole in top for electrical entrance with light mounting box
  • Installs to a minimum of 4" cured concrete
  • Engineer stamped prints and FEMA compliance tested to F-5 conditions.
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