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8-person-in-ground-exterior-1 Type: Below Ground Exterior Shelter
Model: SSHSEXT46

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  • Exterior shelter standard with battery fan, LED lights, and shock assisted opening hatch type door
  • Steps designed with non-slip treads and a continuous and permanently mounted handrail
  • Spacious design provides seating around 3 sides of the shelter
  • The flush mount design leaves the door just above the ground level, preventing the need for unsightly mounds of dirt
  • The ensure against moisture penetration, all welds are dye tested inside and out and the entire exterior of the shelter is coated with a hand applied, 2 part epoxy/tar blend
  • The interior area is finished with a bright white enamel paint, allowing for easy cleaning and a bright interior
  • Shock assisted door allows for easy operation and provides a steel locking mechanism at each end of the door
  • Factory steel outriggers are fabricated on each end of the shelter, at the bottom, to prevent the unit from floating
  • Flush mounting design is excellent for residential, commercial, and civic applications

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