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14-person-in-ground-interior-1 Type: Underground Garage / Carport
Model: SSUG5805

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  • Standard with metal retractable steps, padded removable benches, battery powered fan, LED lights, and hand come along winch
  • Installs in garage/carport floor, directly under your vehicle, taking no usable space from your garage and can be installed to allow quick access without the need to move the vehicle
  • To assure against moisture penetration, all welds are dye tested inside and out and the entire exterior of the unit is coated with a 2 part epoxy/tar mixture, which is hand applied in the factory
  • This shelter is installed 1.5-in above concrete slab to divert any water away from the shelter lid that might accidentally be present on the slab
  • To prevent flexing while being backfilled with concrete, steel angle iron stiffeners are factory applied on all sides and across the bottom of the unit
  • The 2 piece lid system requires no space outside the area of the shelter body to open and both lids are removable from the inside of the shelter
  • To assist you or your local contractor with the install process, this shelter is available with a free, fully illustrated factory approved install manual or the factory can help arrange the install with a local, approved installer
  • Every shelter is fabricated to be installed in an existing home, with the slab in place, or for a new construction application, prior to pouring the slab
  • All of our shelter models and styles have been tested to meet or exceed FEMA 321/361 and ICC-500 criteria through the Wind and Debris Laboratory at Texas Tech University

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