When your safety matters most.

SteelSafe Shelters offers the best storm shelters in America. We've designed the highest rated, easiest to use, and most comfortable storm shelters in the industry.

Quality Tested and Approved

All SteelSafe Shelters are designed, engineered and third party tested to ensure FEMA Compliance. Each shelter meets or exceeds the "Standard for Design and Construction of Storm Shelters. Learn more.

Trusted by Thousands

There's no coincidence we've installed thousands of safety shelters and served communities across the United States for over 10 years. People trust SteelSafe Shelters because we've designed the best storm shelters in America.

Made in the USA

Some companies manufacturer or purchase subpar products from overseas. Not us! All of our SteelSafe Shelters are proudly made in the USA by highly trained experts who value true craftsmanship on top of your safety.

Chat with our Experts

There are a lot of options when choosing the best storm shelter, safe room, tornado shelter, or panic room. Let one of our experts help you make the right choice.

Built for Confidence

Your protection from danger is our highest priority and we it take very seriously. That's why SteelSafe Shelters are designed, developed, and engineered to exceed the industry standards. We will never make sacrifices in the quality of our products.

Designed for Comfort

Certain emergency situations might require you to seek safety for an extended period of time. SteelSafe Shelters are designed for maximum comfort. But more than that they are also the easiest to use for people of all ages.

SteelSafe Shelters Features

In addition to all of our safety shelters being built to the highest standards, we deliver exceptional and valuable features to give you added peace of mind.

Exterior Coating

Our shelters are coated with a military grade epoxy to protect against rust and corrosion.

Ample Lighting

Our standard units includes a fluorescent light to keep your space well lit.

Anchor System

Our anchoring ensures your shelter always remains secure - even in an F5 tornado.

Air Flow System

Our battery powered air induction system circulates fresh air from outside.

Easy Access

Our doors and lids provide fast and easy access while remaining absolutely secure.

Come Along

Our 4' come along and fabricated hook on the back wall helps if debris blocks the door.

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